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Showcasing Vegan Food: Natural and Organic Foods Show, Olympia, London April 2013

It’s not every day you have the chance to peek into a crystal ball and find out what vegan foods you’re going to be eating in the future.

But yesterday, at the Natural and Organic Foods Show at Olympia in London, I was able to do just that and have a taste of  just what lovely new vegan foods are due to be coming onto the market and which  I’m certainly hoping to be enjoying in the not-too-distant future.

I began the day by watching an exquisite vegan cookery demonstration run by Jay Morjaria  of the vegan/vegetarian cookery school, Sutra Kitchen, which opened in central London eight months ago.

Jay effortlessly whipped up some delightful vegan dishes: including a beetroot and carrot salad with edible flowers, butternut squash patties, cauliflower puree and mushroom gremolata  – all cooked to restaurant  standards but which were, Jay assured us, surprisingly easy to prepare. It  certainly whetted my appetite for signing up to one of the Sutra Kitchen’s hands-on, practical, vegan cookery courses in the future. http://sutrakitchen.co.uk/


Vegan cookery class from the Sutra Kitchen? It’s all in hand!


Carrot and beetroot salad. Say it with flowers!


Butternut squash patties, cauliflower puree, mushroom gremolata. Feast your eyes!

Next, it was time to take a whistle-stop tour of the special Vegan Pavilion to check out some of the amazing vegan products on display.


Step this way to vegan heaven!

The first stop was to sample the Violife vegan cheeses from Greek company, Viotros. Their vegan cheese slices come in  flavours including Original and  Tomato and Basil flavours as well as a vegan pizza cheese. http://www.viotros.gr/


Vegans can still enjoy a pizza the action with Violife vegan cheese!


Violife Tomato and Basil vegan cheese slices. Just say “cheese!”

Then it was on to the Vegan Society stall who were proudly promoting a huge selection of products, all bearing the Vegan Society trademark logo.


“When it comes to veganism, it’s in the bag!”

And what a range it is! Everything from Japanese Clearspring Tofu to home-made vegan cakes from Lujuria Vegana in Barcelona. http://www.lujuriavegana.com/


Vegan cakes from Barcelona? That takes the biscuit!

Of course, it’s always good to see old friends at these exhibitions so here is a handful of some of our favourite vegan companies.

Redwoods are a perennial favourite and it was great to have a chance, at last, to sample their new vegan, fish-free, Smoked Salmon Style Slices: http://www.redwoodfoods.co.uk



There’s nothing fishy going on with these Smoked Salmon-Style Slices. They’re just smokin’!

Another  favourite company  is popular,vegan chocolate manufacture, Plamil, who had an awesome display of vegan chocolate goodies for every day as well as for special occasions,  ranging from dairy-free Easter bunnies to vegan chocolate Xmas Santas.


Chocs away – it’s Plamil!

It was then time to cross over to the States to sample some tasty vegan food, USA-style!

I actually nearly walked past the stall  from the Original Field Roast Grain Meat Co,  as I wrongly thought they were selling meat! Closer inspection happily revealed that their products are actually 100% vegan, artisan products, all the way from Seattle in Washington. I’m so glad I stopped by else  I would have missed the chance of tasting some of their amazing vegan Deli Slices in Wild Mushroom, Sundried Tomato and Lentil Sage flavours as well as their stunning Hazelnut CranberryRoast En Croute. http://www.fieldroast.com

Rumour has it that the Vx shop in King’s Cross, London will soon be stocking these products, so do keep a look out. http://www.vegancross.com/


Take a closer look. Yes, they really are vegan!


Deli-cious Deli Slices!


This vegan  dinner deserves a roasting!

Also from the States were the Food For Life company with their delightfully-named vegan Moophrey burgers and Cluckphrey patties, as well as their huge range of delightful and wholesome Ezekiel sprouted breads and muffins. http://www.foodforlife.com


Moove along and take a cluck at Food For Life’s Vegan burgers and patties!


Food For Life’s Ezekiel bread is worth sprouting about!

Looking ahead to summer, if it ever comes, Wheaty were on hand to offer all manner of vegan BBQ items, schnitzels and sausages. http://www.wheaty.de/en/


Join the Q for a vegan BBQ!


Lining up for a non-meaty Wheaty vegan feast!

 After all that sampling, there was just time to try some of my favourite Nakd Wholefoods Trek bars as well as to take a bite of their brand new Crunch Bars. In strawberry, banana, apple and chocolate flavours, these latest bars contain soya protein crunchies, and are crunchy and delicious! http://www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk


The Nakd truth! Nakd bars are definitely worth the Trek!


When it comes to the crunch,  Nakd Bars new crunch bars are something to chew on!

So, after a busy visit to the Natural and Organic Foods show, I’m happy to report, the future’s bright, the future’s vegan and do look out for some great vegan foods in the near future!

* * *

Sutra Kitchen, vegan and vegetarian cooking school, central London  http://sutrakitchen.co.uk/

Viotros, manufacturers of vegan Violife cheese slices http://www.viotros.gr/

Lujuria Vegana, Spanish vegan cakes and desserts http://www.lujuriavegana.com/

Redwood Foods, vegan food products http://www.redwoodfoods.co.uk

Plamil chocolate, vegan chocolate, http://www.plamilfoods.co.uk

Wheaty vegan burgers, sausages, BBQ products http://www.wheaty.de/en/

Vx shop, vegan shop, King’s Cross http://www.vegancross.com/

Field Roast, vegan roasts and deli slices http://www.fieldroast.com

Food For Life, Ezekiel breads and muffins, Moophrey burgers and Cluckphrey patties

Natural Balance Foods, makers of Trek and Nakd bars http://www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk

For more information on veganism, please visit the Vegan Society http://www.vegansociety.com


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4 thoughts on “Showcasing Vegan Food: Natural and Organic Foods Show, Olympia, London April 2013

  1. I’m hungry now after looking at all that vegan food! It all looks gorgeous.

  2. More Than Greens on said:

    I saw the Sutra Kitchen demo at the Brighton Vegfest and it was brilliant. We had delicious Mexican but those flower dishes look divine! I’m looking even more forward to their demo at London Vegfest now!

    Also, Nakd bars are the best! =D

  3. What a great article. I got so excited at the expanding range of vegan food that. Did you try those vegan pastries from Barcelona! Oh my God, I nearly booked a flight upon sight of them! Were they as good as they looked?

    • Thanks India! Glad you liked the article. Alas, with the vegan cakes from Barcelona we were only allowed to look not taste! So I guess we’d best book that flight to Barcelona! : )

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