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32 year old vegan, Pilar Diaz, from  the tiny village of Lofos in Colombia,  got more than she bargained for on a recent trip to the dentist.

Pilar, who’s been a vegan for 15 years, explained what happened:

“I happened to mention to the dentist that I had something stuck between my back teeth. I’d been flossing for a few days as hard as I could but could not get rid of it.”

Her dentist, Dr Alfonso Folo, decided to investigate and pulled on what he thought looked like a tiny green thread in the back of Pilar’s mouth.

Dr Folo takes up the story:

“I saw that Pilar had a small green thread – perhaps some leftover spinach – stuck between her teeth. So I used one of my usual dental instruments to try to dislodge it. I started pulling on it and eventually it started to loosen but I quickly saw there was more to the thread than I realised.

“I kept pulling on it for about five minutes, trying to reach the end of the thread. Imagine my surprise when what finally emerged from Pilar’s mouth was a 12 inch high apple tree sapling. And not just any apple tree but a very rare variety called the Lirpa apple tree, which only grows in very pure and clean conditions, and which normally only flowers once a year.”

It turned out that Pilar, who follows a wholefood vegan diet, had been routinely swallowing the whole of her apples:  core, pips and all.

“And I think that because Pilar has such a healthy vegan diet, her stomach provided the ideal conditions for growing the Lirpa tree,” concluded Dr Folo.

But Pilar might yet have the last laugh.

“I have planted the tree in my backyard and will soon be growing apples for the whole community to share. But I think, in future, I won’t be swallowing the pips,” she said with a grin.

All of which shows that a vegan diet is very healthy and that an apple a day might keep the doctor away but not the dentist.

Translated from an article in La Broma: the Latin-American online magazine – April 2013.



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