Julie Rosenfield

My journal


I thought Eddie and I were so rock

Steady, he was my guy, I his girl.

His quiff and sideburns, glossy and black

He would take my hand, lead me to dance

As we whirled and jived around the floor

Just moving together in the dark.

 * * *

Every girl’s dream, he was tall and dark

With his film star looks, he was like Rock

Hudson, when he strode onto the floor.

Said I was his very special girl

The only one he wanted to dance

With, but that was before Susie Black.

* * *

  They called her Little Miss Susie Black

      With her figure slim, hair long and dark.

She led all the men a merry dance

    She knew how to make them roll and rock

It seems she was a predatory girl.

Their tales made my jaw fall to the floor.

 * * *

Then I heard rumours – left me quite floored

About Eddie and Miss Susie Black.

They couldn’t be true, I was his girl.

It turned out I’d been left in the dark

And before long my whole world was rocked

On the night of the Valentine’s dance.

 * * *

I walked in that night into the dance

And spotted them entwined on the floor.

I ran outside and picked up a rock

The largest I could – my heart was black

And came back under cover of dark

   Then aimed and threw it hard at the girl.

 * * *

A doctor ran in to help the girl

And called everyone to stop the dance.

He shouted as she lay in the dark

“Wake up little Susie.” On the floor,

He lifted her lids – her eyes were black

Turned to stone, she lay still as a rock.

 * * *

With candles on the floor, dressed in black

They sing Rock of Ages for the girl

Who will now dance in the dark no more.


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