Julie Rosenfield

My journal


Fry’s launch a new exciting surprise:

Vegan Curry Pies – go nice with fries.

 But were Fry’s trying to curry favour

With their latest new curry flavour?

* * *

To find out more, I sent my  spies

All dressed up in thick disguise

And asked them to go and feast their eyes

On Fry’s new, culinary, curry prize.

* * *

But all too soon did they realise

Amidst the “Oh my”s and “Let me try”s

That Fry’s really do hypnotise

With just one taste of their fine new pies.

* * *

Just  like Bond in those “Live and Let Die”s

Hot and tasty are the new Fry’s curry pies

A meat-free feast, how they tantalise

A tasteful treat from the guys at Fry’s.

* * *

So remember each one of you who buys

Avoid food companies, who with their lies

Include bits of animals whose names they disguise

Instead, trust Fry’s and their pure vegan pies.

* * *

And amidst the host of deafening cries

From those who clamour “Let’s veganise!”

You be the judge, and let the court rise

And pass favourable sentence on Fry’s Curry Pies

* * *

So when thinking of the where’s and why’s

Go buy a box of Fry’s Curry Pies

Smell them, taste them, revel in their size

And hear around you those satisfied sighs.

 * * *

So to finish off, then let’s summarise

With the final report from my spies:

You can’t do better lunch or dinner-wise

Than to go and enjoy Fry’s new Curry Pies.

* * *

Fry’s new vegan Curry Pies are now available in the shops.

For more details, please visit http://www.frysvegetarian.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrysUK



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