Julie Rosenfield

My journal


“We’re having Shepherd’s Pie for dinner tonight.”

“Shepherd’s Pie?” you say

“Why are we having Shepherd’s Pie?”

* * *

We are having Shepherd’s Pie

Because tonight

He is having Shepherd’s Pie.

* * *

And no, I haven’t seen him

Or heard from him for two decades

Yet, I know that, tonight,

He is having Shepherd’s Pie.

* * *

 Because a twittering little bird tweeted

That tonight – tweet, tweet –

She is making him Shepherd’s Pie.

* * *

In her photo, she’s prettier than me

Younger than me, cleverer than me

And totally unaware of me.

* * *

And so capable is she

That tonight she is making him

 Shepherd’s Pie – real Shepherd’s Pie

Made from real shepherds.

* * *

Whereas all I have to serve

Is my humble offering

Nothing but lentils in my Shepherds Pie.

* * *

But I’ll match her with my mash

As I peel those potatoes

The sharp knife of rejection

Will still pierce just the same

* * *

And the heat of the boiling water

Will still scorch my lovelorn heart.

I may add rosemary to sharpen the memory

And the juice of a bitter, twisted lemon.

* * *

It’ll mean nothing to him, of course,

As he sits down to dinner,

20 years and 20 miles away

That we’ll be sharing the same dinner

Virtually speaking

* * *

“I think the Shepherd’s Pie is a little over-cooked,” you say.

“A bit burnt around the edges.”

Just like my memories, I think.

“I’m not surprised,” I reply

“It was a long time in the making.”


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