Julie Rosenfield

My journal


Catching sight of myself

In the glass shelter of the bus stop

I see my reflection

Short, tubby, middle-aged

In a padded red coat

 * * *

No longer the object of desire I once was

Or thought I was

He made me think so anyway.

One wet, rainy afternoon

When, unexpectedly, we lay together

But that was a long time ago

He’s with another now

 * * *

I’m glad his memories of me

Will always be bright,

Not grey-haired, not ageing

Or battered by the world as I am now

 * * *

This way, he’ll always remember me

The way I used to be

And in his mind, I’ll always be young

As, once again, I’ll dance lightly

And smile.


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4 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS (POEM)

  1. Be assured, your true beauty shines through your words. Dance lightly x

  2. nice words,to cherish memories of someone to be forever young is te most exquisite gift.the memories remain young howsoever old we may get!

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