Julie Rosenfield

My journal


He’s fished in these waters before

You’d think I’d know by now

“Don’t do it,” say the others

“Don’t go near,

You know what will happen.”

 * * *

And yes, I do know

So why I am here?

He’s clever though

Knows just how to play me

Sets his bait

Knows I can’t resist

As he sits and waits

 * * *

I used to think I was the only one


But not so

These days he visits other seas

With longer gaps in between

 * * *

And here it is now

The contest starts

First, the tempting morsel

Then my quivering body

Locked in the endless dance

“Come to me,” he calls

“I’m waiting.”

 * * *

And, despite what they tell me

The warnings, the pleadings

Here I am again


And flying through the air


The sun glistens

On my trembling body

As he pulls me towards him

 * * *

And here he is at last

Holding me

We lock eyes

I shiver

As Eternity stops


“Not you again”, he laughs.

“Too small, back you go.”

* * *

 And I’m thrown once again

Reeling through the air

Back to safety, back to the known

 * * *

I’ll be off my food for a day or two now

My lips will bleed, so will my heart

I thought this might have been the day

He’d take me away, take me home.

At last, I’d be his.

 * * *

Silly me, foolish dreams

How they laugh that night

“Don’t you ever learn?” they mock

“Don’t you see?”

”A lucky escape”, they called it

But not for me

I’d choose love, passion, death

Over the freezing waters

Of rejection any time

 * * *

Sighing, I blow bubbles,

As life for me goes on.


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One thought on “ON THE LINE (POEM)

  1. great poem and beautiful thoghts

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