Julie Rosenfield

My journal


Every day, I climb the Eiger

 Emerging blearily from my bivouac

 Bracing myself to tackle the summit

But not for me crampons, ice picks, sturdy boots

The fear of frostbite,

The thrill of the ascent

* * *

 My challenge lies closer to home

A humble office with its mountain of files

I open the door,  jangling keys, like a dreaded prison warder

Ready to do battle with the elements therein

 * * *

Inside the cabinet, they assemble

Standing rigid like soldiers

Stiff, unyielding, marshalled, controlled

Even extracting one causes an avalanche of protest

 * * *

By night, they become changelings

Shuffling like enchanted playing cards

In the hands of a master magician

Tumbling  like acrobats

Mixing and mingling, like a seasoned party host

 * * *

 Every morning I scale Kilimanjaro

K2 or, today, K-to-Z.

It’s the Scottish peaks like Ben Nevis

Which are hard to fathom

A struggle to put in order:

Macaulay, Mackin, Mace, McVarish

 MacAdam, McIlroy, Mack,  McTavish

All must be conquered and order restored

 * * *

Every morning, I climb Everest

Trying to make a foothold

Until night-time when I leave for base camp

And the shelter of a place called home.


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One thought on “THE MOUNTAIN (POEM)

  1. yep, we all have our mountains to climb. Nice x

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