Julie Rosenfield

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Kneeling on the garden mat

Armed with gloves and shining knife

The radio recalls the past

      As the Battle of the Bindweed begins ……

* * *

The day had been a long time coming

Secret plans, no suspicions

At dawn, an early landing

And then ….

* * *

See here, these green leaves

The reddened stalk

How it rolls around the plant

Like a helter-skelter

Suffocating this mulberry bush until …

* * *

The occupation had been too long

You could hardly tell captor from captee

Until the weapons came

And the blades determined identity

* * *

Even the sharp holly is not safe

Its innate stings,  protection against most things

But not this weed

This boa constrictor of plants

* * *

The dawn landings, footfall after footfall

Captured them with surprise

There’d be casualties, of course

Weren’t there always in war?

* * *

And, oh, the freedom

Liberated from suffocation

The precious breath of liberty

Captive no more…….

* * *

The radio invites me

To share its silent pause

Though my work today is done

War and weeds carry on



I want to wrap myself

Around you


Like bindweed

And squeeze you

Till your breath escapes from your body

* * *

Then even if you cut me down

Expose my roots

I can still return

Wind myself around you

Cling to you

Wherever you are.

* * *

‘Let him go,’ say my friends

‘Cut yourself off’

But I can’t.

Heaven knows I’ve tried

‘Or attach yourself

To someone else.’


* * *

 I felt that attachment

The moment I saw you

Felt your irresistible presence

Fill my yearning heart

Without your life transfusion

I cannot survive

* * *

And so, prune and snip, as you will

I’ll be by your side

Though unbidden or unwanted

For the rest of your life

* * *

And, if you can’t feel the same

At least, admire my tenacity

My steadfastness

My loyalty

Until your very last breath

      Frees you from my grip at last.


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4 thoughts on “BINDWEED (TWO POEMS)

  1. Tracey bowles on said:

    Julie -thanks for sending me this link – your work in enchanting, I has been motivated to read every post!
    Ps really love the look and feel of the site too, how does one receive notifications of updates
    Tracey B

    • Hi Tracey. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. So glad you liked the blog!

      On the right hand side of the blog, there is a Follow Blog application where you can receive updates by e-mail.

      Thanks again for all your help and happy reading! : )


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