Julie Rosenfield

My journal


Write a poem, they said,

About cruelty to animals.

There’ll be a prize, they said.

Fair enough, I thought, couldn’t be easier.

 * * *

Yet, I wish it were an impossible task.

I wish that there were no images in my mind,

Rabbits being tortured, monkeys in chains,

I would that there were no pictures.

 * * *

Write a poem – there are too many notions,

Too much inspiration,

Of hunting, factory farming, seal culls,

I wish there were no ideas.

 * * *

Yet there is a hard part of writing the poem.

How can you find words for what happens

To the creatures who die for experiments,

For making fur coats, for medical research?

 * * *

And so yes, here is my poem,

But how I wish there was nothing to write about.

First appeared under the title “The Competition”,  in the book, Vegan Stories, published by the Vegan Society



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2 thoughts on “FOR THE ANIMALS (Poem)

  1. Brilliant and poignant 🙂

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