Julie Rosenfield

My journal


At night, the projectionist unseen

Trains reels of vibrant images on the inward screen

Of my restless mind

 * * *

No scrap from the day, no thought, no murmur is wasted

But is sewn, seamlessly, into a jewelled tapestry

 * * *

Next door’s tabby cat, though mild by day,

At night transforms into a blazing tiger

Roaming the fertile garden of my secret dreams

 * * *

And likewise I, just a humble office clerk,

Am hurled to star on the West End stage

To dazzle and delight an audience unknown

 * * *

And my family, long gone, are once again here

Looking young, fresh, well-dressed, alive

Until it’s time for them to board the train, the bus, the boat

To take the one journey I am denied

 * * *

And yet, in other ways, I travel easily

Without need of passport, papers or plane

I can cross Canada in the sleep of an eye

Till the morning’s alarm summons me home

 * * *

By day, I may walk an ordinary road

But, thanks to the director of my precious images,

Every night I fly.


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2 thoughts on “IMAGES (POEM)

  1. Lovely, really took the reader there with you 🙂

  2. Thank you, Katie! : )

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