Julie Rosenfield

My journal


If, one day, you ever want to come back

And I pray to heaven that you will

Don’t ever think that it’s too late,

Or it’s been too long

Or I’ve changed

Or there’s been too much pain

*   *   *

I’ll still be here, waiting

Like I do every day

Sitting, hoping, dreaming,

Thinking of you

Wishing the day away

* * *

You won’t need to say anything

Nothing to explain

No need to say sorry

Nothing at all.

* * *

Just say: “I’m back”

Write it on the sand

Draw it with a finger in the wind

Hold a hand to your heart

I’ll feel it where you are

* * *

Just say “I’m back”

And smile

Like you’d just stepped out for a paper

Or a breath of fresh air

* * *

And I’ll smile back

And whisper “I know”

And then I’ll hold you

Till the waves of the world turn black.


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2 thoughts on “IF (POEM)

  1. Truly beautiful x

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