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(Inspired by the late Ian Dury’s song, Reasons to be Cheerful, part 3)

Why don’t you eat more beans and veg?

Why don’t you eat more beans and veg?

 Reasons to be Vegan, Part 3

Shambhu’s Cheesecake, the lemon one’s great,

Ambassador from Ms Cupcake, Maoz falafel

Mildred’s mushroom pies, sausages from Fry’s,

Razzle Dazzle ice, baked apple

*          *          *

The Vegan Pledge, organic veg

Gives you the edge.  Tofutti,

Cookies and Scream, Wild Food cuisine

Alpro Soya Cream. What a Cutie!

*          *          *

A Diet for all Reasons, talks at London Vegans

Animal Aid Fayre Xmas season, and Greenz

The Vx Shop, Plamil chocolate drops,

Give meat the chop: eat beans.

*          *          *

The Vegan Store, 42 Raw

Whole Foods for Saf and more, Vegan Soc

Loving Hut’s Supreme, Tibit’s Mango Cream

Vanilla Rice Dream, Moo Free choc

*          *          *

Itadaki Zen – Japanese if you’ve the yen

222 pancakes from Ben, boots from Bo Bo

Manna for lunch, Pogo for brunch,

Booja Booja hazelnut crunch, Bon Pom cocoa

*          *          *

Trip to Vegfest – Bristol is the best

Bless your cotton vest, and Vitao

The London Vegan Fete, Rani’s is great,

Hammersmith’s The Gate, let’s have a bite now.

*          *          *

Samuel Smith ale, Holland and Barrett’s Penny Sale

Eating curly kale, Vegan Meet-up

Vegusto’s No-Moo cheese, Trek Bars always please

Bute Island’s creamy Sheese, so let’s eat up.

*          *          *

Brighton on the coast, Infinity for tea and toast

Veg Shoes we love the most, And V-Bites

Scones at Food for Friends, taking lots of spends,

The George Pub at the end, always delights.

*          *          *

Better for the planet, try and go organic

Good for health if you plan it, go vegan

Save animals’ lives, Forks over Knives,

See how you thrive, so many reasons.

*          *          *

Inspiral chocolate cake, aduki bean bake

At Potluck anything you make, try Shambhu chocs

Tibits weigh your plate,  Beatroot’s always great,

Manna for a date, and bamboo socks

*          *          *

Redwood’s Vegi Deli, Just Wholefoods strawberry jelly,

Wobbling in my belly, Bessant and Drury

Cranberry Cheezly, see it’s very easy,

Soy Whip that’s squeezy, thanks Ian Dury

*          *          *

Yes, yes,

dear, dear,

vegan next year? Or maybe even now!

In which case ….


Reasons to be Vegan, Part 3

Reasons to be Vegan Part 3 ……………..

(Reasons to be Cheerful, Ian Dury, published in 1979 )

For details of all veggie restaurants in London mentioned, visit www.veganlondon.co.uk

For more information about veganism, visit the Vegan Society www.vegansociety.co.uk

For details of London Vegans events in London including walks, talks and restaurant trips, visit www.londonvegans.org.uk.

For details of the London Vegan Meetup events including Monthly Potluck,Vegan Drinks, regular social events and restaurant visits, visit: http://www.londonveganmeetup.co.uk/

To take the Vegan Pledge and go vegan for a  month, visit London Vegan Campaigns at http://www.vegancampaigns.org.uk/pledge.html


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7 thoughts on “REASONS TO BE VEGAN, PART 3

  1. Brilliant, thanks for mentioning us 🙂

  2. Pingback: REASONS TO BE VEGAN, PART 3 | razzledazzleices

  3. FAB ! Would love to see you do this on video with the music in background ? 🙂

  4. Anything’s possible! Watch this space …. : )

  5. I guess I have to name check myself, but you certainly give Food For Thought!

  6. But thanks for the BonPom mention, much appreciated!

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