Julie Rosenfield

My journal


Saturdays, Sally Shaw sold shoes. Spectacular shoes – scarlet, skyscraper stilettos; silver, satin slippers; sparkling, sequinned sandals ….

Steve Spencer saw Sally selling shoes. Steve sighed.

“Sally’s so special,” said Steve, subsequently. “She’s stylish, sophisticated, sexy …”

“So, say something,” said Steve’s sister, Sarah. “Suggest supper ….”

“So shy,” stammered Steve, shamefaced. “Surely she’d scoff …”

Saturday, seventh September, saw Steve slyly searching Sally’s shop.

“Sir?” said Sally, solicitously.

“Some sensible, synthetic suede shoes,” said Steve. “Size seven”.

Sally selected some suitable shoes.


“Splendid,” said Steve. “Sold!”

Steve started shyly saying something. Sally sat silently.

“Sally…” said Steve. “Supper?”

Sally smiled.

“Something simple. Sunday? Seven?”

Sunday saw Steve serving Sally supper.

“Soup satisfactory?” said Steve.

“So salty,” spluttered Sally, suddenly seizing some soda.

“Spaghetti?” stammered Steve, startled.

“So-so,” said Sally, shoulders shrugging. Steve sighed.


“Strudel!” shrieked Sally. “Smashing! So scrumptious, sweet, succulent ….”

“Success!” shouted Steve.

Slowly, surely, Steve suited Sally. So, Saturdays selling shoes, Sunday suppers…

Several seasons spent similarly…

“Summer soon,” said Steve.

“Suggestions?” said Sally.


“Sevenoaks? Surely somewhere special. Sorrento? Spain?”

Suddenly, Steve said soberly, “Sevenoaks Synagogue. Some Saturday. Shaws, Spencers. Splendid service, soiree….”

“Sweetheart,” sighed Sally, sentimentally.

“Settled,” said Steve.

So summer saw Sally Shaw’s surname shift: Sally Spencer!

Soon – septuplets! Seven small Spencer siblings: Suzy, Sandy, Stanley, Sherry, Sylvia, Shirley, Stuart shout, scream, share stories, swop shoes…

So Spencer Septuplets: Size Seven! Super!


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