Julie Rosenfield

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Vegan Love (Poem)

I could never adore

A matador

For a man who would gore a bull

Could never be adorable.

 * * *

I could never make a selection

Of a man who does vivisection

For a man who hurts rabbits

Is bound to have nasty habits.

 * * *

I could never even touch a

Man who was a butcher

For a man who handles meat all day

Could never lead me astray.

 * * *

I would look upon in anger

A man who was an angler

For a man who murders fishes

Will never fulfil my wishes.

 * * *

A man who shoots grouse

Will never enter my house

For his torture of the birds

Is too evil beyond words.

 * * *

I’m glad I’m not the daughter of

A man who is a slaughterer

And I could never be the wife

Of someone without respect for life.

 * * *

But show me the man who is kind beyond reason

I’ll embrace him with my heart, for surely he is vegan.

For only the gentlest soul could ever be my amour

As I’ll never find true love with a hungry carnivore.

(First appeared in the book Vegan Stories,

edited and compiled by Julie H. Rosenfield 2002, published by The Vegan Society).

Vegan Stories is available for £4.99 from the online shop of the Vegan Society at http://www.vegansociety.com



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