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2-for-1 Deals? BOGOF!

Ah, 2nd January. Or the 2nd of the 1st. The Xmas excesses are all over and the sales are well under way.

Lots of special offers to be had. In particular, my favourite: the 2-for-1. Or, to quote that often-used, charming yet offensive acronym, BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free).

Many’s the time I come back from the supermarket laden with goods that I never knew I wanted or needed but felt I had to purchase just because they were 2-for-1. After all, why have one useless widget when you can have two? These marketing types know what they’re about.

One regular deal I enjoy throughout the year is the one offered by Taste Card. http://www.tastecard.co.uk. For an annual fee, this charming little card gives me 2-for-1 meals at selected restaurants including some of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in London like Tibits and Hitadiki Zen and Kingston’s Riverside Vegetaria.

Tastecard are currently offering a free card for a month to people who haven’t had one before so do check out their website at http://www.tastecard.co.uk/trial/headertry.

 Another 2-for-1 I’ve enjoyed over the festive season, courtesy of one of the many online discount theatre websites, was the musical Scrooge starring Tommy Steele. With all that singing and dancing and being on the stage the whole time, it’s marvellous that Tommy’s still doing it at his age – 76 – and twice on a Thursday and Saturday. Rock on Tommy!

Still hungry for a deal, following the show, we headed to Inspiral Lounge in Camdenfor their wonderful 2-for-1 Tuesday night offer. What a treat! http://www.inspiralled.net/component/content/article/122-seasonal/1417-monday-madness-a-tuesday-two-for-one

Not to be outdone, it seems that gyms are also going down the 2-for-1 road. Or should that be 2-in-1?

I have long been confused by gym classes ever since a friend confided that she had recently taken up spinning classes. I had visions of her sitting at a spinning wheel, with gentle music playing in the background, producing all manner of exquisite yarn.

Imagine my disappointment when visiting the gym to look at her spinning class to find her pedalling away furiously on a stationary bike. I think someone was spinning me a yarn there.

I was even more flummoxed by a sign outside another gym recently offering Piloxing classes. That one really had me stumped. Was it perhaps a class where you could recite the digits of Pi 3.141592653 etc whilst juggling that salmon speciality, Lox? As a maths-hating vegan, I certainly hoped not. Was it perhaps some form of giant pillow-fighting class in which case it sounded like fun?

No, a close inspection found it to be yet another cunning 2-for-1 offer. Or even a 2-in-1 deal. Piloxing, it turns out, is a mixture of Pilates and Boxing. And no, I would hate to think what people call exponents of this new sport.

Of course, it then all made sense. I remembered seeing another class for Yogalates which sounded like a charming mixture of Yoghurt and Latte (easily adapted for vegans, I assured myself, using soya milk). But no, the 2-for-1 people had been at it again, offering a mixture of Yoga and Pilates.

I sat down and compiled a new set of activities to offer the gym, following their fine 2-for-1 example.

 Yo-Yo Class – (Yoga and Yodelling) – perfect for serial dieters.

 Spiba Man – (Spinning and Zumba for men) – ideal for the aspiring, sporting superhero

 Rumba (Rowing and Zumba) – Strictly for fans of ballroom dancing.

 Inspired, I even came up with a 3-for-1 class:

 Phobics – Pilates, Hula Hooping and Aerobics – at last, a class for people terrified of exercises classes

 I handed in the list at my local gym, hoping to receive acclaim and huge financial rewards for my inventiveness.

 “You see, they’re 2-for-1,” I exclaimed helpfully to the bemused receptionist.

 “BOGOF!” she shouted and summoned the manager.

 Oh well, I guess you can only offer! Anyway, I’m off now to indulge in my own favourite pastime: Chocobics. No, not chocolate and aerobics, although there’s a thought – but chocolate biscuits. Chocolate and biscuits. Choccie biccies! Now there’s a 2-for-1 if ever there was one.

 In fact, I might even have 2 – after all, they are on special offer! And I bet that’s the best offer I’ll get all day!





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7 thoughts on “2-for-1 Deals? BOGOF!

  1. Lena Agger on said:

    WHAT??? iS IT “I´ve got a handfull songs to sing you” Tommy Steele???? WOOOOW, THIS IS AWSOME and I feel so young again..
    Like your comments on 2-for-1..
    Regards LemonLena

  2. Little White Ball..Rock on Tommy come on Steele yourself for those shows ;P
    Great post made me laugh out loud me Julie.Hope you enjoyed your chocobits 🙂

  3. What a wonderful and funny writing style you have. It must be liberating just to write and publish as you wish. Please keep writing and publish more your style is liberating, special and so fresh!! 🙂

  4. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly believe that this website needs much more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

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