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So here we are again. 31st December 2012. End of another year. A Jubilee Year in which to everyone’s surprise and relief the world did not end. Cause for jubilation indeed.

So yet again, it’s time to sit down and plan our New Year’s Resolutions.

And if you’re stuck, it’s not difficult to choose one. Tomorrow’s newspapers, magazine and websites will all be shrieking the headline: “New Year, New YOU!”

Let’s face it, we’ve all over-eaten over the Christmas festivities. So we will be more than usually receptive to the latest diet offerings: whatever variety of low-fat/low-carb/low-taste offerings that the diet gurus are suggesting this year.

I take my hat off to MP Jo Swinson who recently sent an open letter to magazine editors asking them to “shed the fad diets and fitness myths” in their New Year editions. She was rightly concerned that so-called ‘miracle’ diets, which are nothing more than crash diets, may adversely affect people’s health.

Whilst admiring her, I fear this is too little, too late. Magazine editors plan their special features many months in advance. Possibly in summer when the thought of existing on salads probably seems much more appealing than it does in the deep mid-winter when their New Year issues are actually published.

All of which brings me to the crux of the matter. The problem with New Year resolutions is just that. They’re made in the New Year. And, if you’re living in a place with a cold clime, like the UK in January, you really need to be eating comforting and – dare I say it – stodgy foods, just to keep warm.

So here’s my revolution to end all resolutions. Let’s not try and be perfect on 1st Jan. Let’s aim for being just a little bit better than we were this year. And maybe if you want to shed a few pounds, do it in the summer, when it’s hot and your appetite will be less and salads will be much more inviting.

My own New Year’s resolution is easy. Every day starting from tomorrow, I shall be getting up at 7.00 am. I will start the day with an hour’s yoga and meditation, followed by a freshly-squeezed orange juice, a quick invigorating shower, an hour’s run round the park, a delightful lunch of avocado and beetroot salad, three hours at my computer perfecting my new bestselling novel, and ….

And here’s the reality check. I shall wake up tomorrow at 1.00 pm, wrecked and exhausted from the New Year’s Eve celebrations. I will forget all my plans for a healthy morning and will spend the rest of the day in my pyjamas and on Facebook.

And, do you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way? Happy New Year everyone!


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